1721 Creations is a "Reflection of Mary!" To date, many of Jerame's crafts have touched the hearts of many people all over the world. Mary Alice Venning-Vanderhorst (1940-2010) and her family has been making Charleston Sweetgrass Baskets throughout generations, passing on this historical gift.

The low country tradition of Sweetgrass Basket making is a captive art form. It is an art that dates back to the roots in Africa, and was brought to this country originally by slaves. Living on these coastal areas, women and men have built these beautiful baskets from the items found in the region. 

Native to the Charleston area, the main materials in these beautiful baskets include: Sweetgrass, Thick Bulrush, Russia, Pine Needles, and Palmetto Strips for securing the art. Sweetgrass Baskets have been apart of the Charleston, South Carolina community for over 300 years.